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European Union

The European Union is an economic and political organization, thant count twenty seven country (27 states).
EC(European Community), EEC(European Eonomic Community) or EU- European Union was founded after the second War World in 194, from the partnership between six countries with the intention to increase trades between the member of the states. Citizen of Europe have a National citizenship, unit currency and unit market. European Union has the Headquarters in Busselles, the Parliamenti seat in Strasburg (official set) , Brusselles and Luxembourg city. The States who are in European Unionn are twentynine. (29); Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France ,Germany, Ireland, Greece, Louxemburg , Netherlands , Portugal , Spain , United Kingdom , Sweden, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslav , Croatia amd Turkey.
The candidate countries are Iceland and Montenegro. The European Union was born in 1957 from the “teatry of rome” in first january 1958 (implemented) aqnd was called ECC or CEE.After the Maastrich teatry signed in 1992 the ECCC wasinominated EU-European Union ...EU’s population it’ s around 493 milion of people; in Europe the currencies are the Euro,British pound, Krona in Sweden and the Danish Krone.

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