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The effect of more forces on a rigid body
The case: forces acting on the same straight line = >

• Agreement Forces
The direction and the verse coincide with those of the applied forces.

• Conflicting Forces
Has the same form, the direction coincides with that of the applied force and the line coincident with the force module with greater form or modul.

2ND case: competing Forces = >

Suppose we have a boat in the River with two guys. One on one side and the other on the other side of the river. This boat goes straight if the applied forces on it are equal and form the angle of 90°. The result is the vector sum of these forces and is determined using the parallelogram rule.

III case: parallel Forces = >

• Agreement Forces. The resultant force will form equal to the sum of the data modules. Will have the same direction of the applied forces. Will be applied in a position closer to the force majeure. Have no points in common action lines therefore cannot be calculated with the method of parallelogram. You can use an equation.

R = F1 + F2

• Conflicting Forces. The result has the same direction of applied forces, the direction of the force with greater intensity, form the difference of forms and will be applied to the extreme. The relationship that exists between the forces is always the same.

R = F2 - F1

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