Cotton: This is a vegetable fibre. It is made from cotton balls (bolls) of the cotton plant. The cotton fibres surround the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton plants are grown in northern parts of countries like Nigeria and many other countries and continents such as Egypt, China, America, India, Asia, etc

Properties or characteristics of cotton:

1. It absorbs quickly. It is therefore suitable for the tropics like the Brazil and equatorial african states.
2. It is reasonably strong and durable.
3. It creases or wrinkles quickly, but irons very well.
4. It wages easily which means it is washable.
5. It is cool and comfortable to wear.
6. It is mothproof.
7. It can be affected by mildew in damp conditions.
8. White cotton can be bleached.
9. It can wig stand friction or rubbing.
10. It can withstand hot water, so can be boiled.
11. It can be dyed easily.
12. It shrinks when washed.
13. Cotton fabric does not fray easily. It does not slip during sewing.
14. It is easy to sew.
15. Under the microscope, a cotton fibre appears twisted.
16. Cotton burns easily in flame. It gives off smell of burning paper.


Cotton is one of the most useful fibres. It can be put into many uses. Cotton fabrics can be use for outer personal clothes, underwear, furnishings, bedsheets, pillow cases, table cloths etc.

Typical cotton fabrics:

These include chiffon, organdie, calico, poplin, sateen, denim, flannelette, brocade, corduroy, velveteen, etc.

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