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Comparison between Iberians and Celts

It’s better we do a comparison between Iberians and Celts.
How did they get the food? Iberians lived on fishing and hunting while the Celts grew animals, the former population picked fruit and roots while the latter one used to practise the agriculture. How did they express simple concepts or write something? Iberians made Graffiti on the walls and the Celts used a symbolic alphabet, the Runes, and they started a sort of trade.
When did they live? Iberians lived in the Stone Age but the Celts lived in the Bronze and Iron Age. In fact, Iberians used stone weapons and Celts, whose weapons were better than stone weapons, made jewels.
What about rituals and the religion? Iberians, who built stone temples, were polytheistic and worshipped the elements, the Celts had the same religion with rituals like dances and sacrifices but they called it Druidism because a druid was also a priest, not only a master, a magician or a doctor.
What about the organization of the society? Iberians lived in tribes and their houses were simple huts while the Celts were more organized because they lived in villages with a sacred area in the middle and many wooden huts that surrounded this holy area.
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