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British Press
In Britain the press produces a wide range of newspapers, magazines, periodicals and books. The reader may be interested both in "quality" papers, such as The Times, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph or The Guardian and in "tabloid" papers, such as the Daily Mail. the Daily Express, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Star, the Sun, etc.
There are also the "popular Sunday" and the "quality Sunday" newspapers, because dailes in Britain are not published on Sundays. The former have more pages and some of them have colour pages, while the latter are more high-brow, and sophisticated, such as the Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, and the Observer. Alot of weekly and monthly magazines are also published in Britain covering all kinds of interests and hobbies, from women`s magazines to those specializing in astrology, computers, science, cookery, fashion, fitness and so on. The weekly magazine "Time Out" is very successful in Britain now. It covers not only TV and radio programmes and current affairs but it is also a guide to theatres, cinemas, museums, music events, entertainment in general, shopping, markets, and other things from accommodation offered or wanted to Lonely hearts`messages.
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