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British Empire

The British Empire began with the reign of Elizabeth I. The reason that happened during his reign is that she realized that Britain could become a powerful nation thanks to the colonization of countries overseas. One of the most important colonies was India which was called British Place.

The British wanted to impose their rule on India because they were afraid of the strong personality of the Indians.
The situation of domination of England on India lasted until the revolt of 1857-1958, which broke out a mutiny led by Indian troops in Bengal. From now on, in the next three years, the British Empire saw the peak of its power in India. This time, culminated in 1876 when Queen Victoria was crowned Empress of India.

India was considered a jewel because it was full of rare materials such as tea, chocolate and coffee. The following years were characterized from the beginning of nationalism in India, that is beginning to have a sense of nationalism and started for this reason, the reaction against the British presence through some revolts which were different from normal revolts because operated by Ghandi leading peaceful revolts, no-cooperation and bloodless.

During these years it was formed the CommonWealth which was an association of many European countries, to the which India refused to participate, because she wanted to have her independence, but independence of the countries that were part of CommonWealth was only on paper but not real. India gained independence in 1947 with the peaceful march of Ghandi.
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