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Aussie schools

A school year
Our school year is very different from schools in the Northern Hemisphere. We start each school year at the end of January after the Australian Day celebrations on 26th January. There are four terms of nine or ten weeks each, with two-week holidays in between. Our school year ends in mid-December. It’s Christmas – but for us, that means a beach barbecue and six weeks’ summer holidays.

School Uniform
Yes, we have to wear a uniform every school day, and a hat on the way to and from school, so we look the same! There’s a summer uniform and a winter uniform. Girls have to tie back their hair – and no jewelry or nail polish. If you break the rules three times, you get detention. It sounds boring and dull, nut it does have one advantage – no one worries about fashion.

After school activities
Sports are very popular. At our school we can do netball, cricket, volleyball, basketball, football (rugby, soccer and Australian rules), swimming, tennis, gymnastics and athletics. Our school has no Environment Group. It helps to protect the ares we live in. We collect cans and plastic containers for recycling, and old books, toys and clothes to give to charity. We need to create less rubbish, use less water and not destroy the bush.

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