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At the end 800 is the leading economic power in the world and this is thanks to the return of the leader of the Tories: Benjamin Disraeli. He during his rule, which began in '74, he advanced a policy consolidating colonial possessions Indians and he proclaimed Queen Victoria Empress. He worked also changes in social and eliminated too many restrictions on the right to strike. Disraeli died in 1881 and his government conservatorista it replaces a liberal one led by William Gladstone which gives off only a new electoral law because of the commitment in the Irish question (divided by the United Kingdom as Catholic). It was based on an agrarian system and when the agricultural crisis struck focused more attention on the issue of the autonomy of the island. Gladstone look at first to calm people with a land reform in '81 and then grants autonomy. In conservatives they complained as well as some of the party of Gladstone.

In 1886 there were new elections and Gladstone was defeated.

Irish question

The Republicans were indicated by the name of a hero Gaelic Phin Mac Kunhail. Between 800 and 900 liberals and conservatives alternate. In 1901 Queen Victoria died, leaving the throne to his son Edward VIII. Liberals coming to power five years later following the elections to the Chamber and enter 30 labouristi (liberal). This government aims at a more moderate colonial policy, reduce working hours, create insurance old age and a tax system that affects the rich.

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