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Between 1600 and 1700 North America was colonized by the French, Spanish and English. The first colonies were established by the Fathers English pilgrims who were people fleeing religious persecution. The English colonies were ruled by governors supported by a board made up of people chosen by the governor and the elected assemblies that voted the finance laws, which, over time, became increasingly autonomous from the motherland. The settlers entertained good relations with the Indians, but when there was no need for new land Europeans drove the Indians violently.
During 1700 there was an increase in population in the colonial world due to European immigrants. This world was not subject to the privileges and class divisions as in Europe. Here it was very important to the industriousness and ingenuity. Colonies North agriculture cereal well organized and presented here arose also a variety of activities related to the availability of wood as shipyards and timber trade. The colonies of the South showed an economy based on the cultivation of tobacco and cotton. Among the settlements they were built cities like Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

Increasing the economic activities of the colonies, also increased the expectations of settlers who wanted the recognition of freedom and equal treatment of the English. Britain forced the colonies to trade only with England and imposed high taxes.
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