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William Tell and other stories

William Tell lives in a small town called Lake Lucerne with his young son Carl.
Every day, in the town near Tell’s house, Baron Gessler makes everyone bow to his hat.
One day, Tell and Carl go to the town. They walk past the Baron’s hat without bowing.In that moment Gessler looks those men. He’s very angry.
Then Gessler looks the apple in his hand and smiles. The Baron says to his men that they must take Tell’s son and put the apple on Carl’s head.
Tell takes two arrows out and gets ready to shoot the apple on the Carl’s head. William shoots an arrow at his son and it goes through the apple and into the tree!
The Baron Gessler is very angry!
Then the Baron’s men take Tell to a boat on the lake. When the boat is out on the lake, there’s a bad storm.

Tell steers the boat, but soon there are rocks in front of them. Tell jumps from the boat, before the boat hits the rocks. Tell and the Baron are all angry! So Tell takes an arrow and shoots Gessler.
The Baron falls into the lake and does not come up again.

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