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My Family

Hello! My name is Rocco.
I have got a big family.
My family is made up of my dad, my mum, my brother, my sister and me.
My dad's name is Aniello, he is dropkeeper.
My mum's name is Mariarosaria, she is a housewife.
My brother's name is Mauro, he is a bathing attendant.
My sister's name is Mariantonietta , she is a student.
I have got two grandmums, their names are Antonietta and Mara.
I have got three uncles
their names are Remo, Carmelo and Antonio.
I have got two aunts
their names are Antonietta and Annamaria.
I have got five cousins
their names are Asia, Antonia,Rita,Aniello e Francesco.
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