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The U.S.A.

The country called United States Of America (USA), covers a large part of the North American Continent. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west and from Mexico to Canada. The fifty states which form the USA, also include the Alaska, the Northwest Canada and tropical Hawaii, the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The largest state in the US is Texas, while the largest state overall is Alaska. The smallest state in the USA is Rhode Island but it isn’t an island, but a region of New England. The name of some region of USA are New England, Midwest, East Coast and West coast. The USA has a big different in the laws and in the traditions. In the west coast there is a more industry, a big business and there are the White House, the President’s residence. In the east coast there is more agriculture. The Midwest is home a Great Plains there is The “Breadbasket of the USA” because there cultivated enormous quantities of grain grown. The states of the Texas is famous for oil, cattle and really cowboys. The more important river in the USA is Mississippi, river long 3800 kilometres. The name the of America National Park is Yellowstone in Wyoming. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

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