Spectacular USA

1) Where is Alaska?
1) Alaska is in the North - west of Canada.
2) What separates Alaska from Russia?
2) The Bering Strait which is 92 kilometers long separates Alaska from Russia.
3) What geographical features has got it?
3) Alaska has got three million lakes, one hundred thousand glaciers and many volcanoes.
4) What’s the capital?
4) The capital is Juneau.
5) Where are Hawaii islands?
5) They are for out in the Pacific.
6) What are they?
6) They are a group of beautiful volcanic islands.
7) What’s the Hawaiian capital and where is it?

7) The capital is Honolulu on the island of Oahu near Pearl Harbor.
8) Which park stretches in three different American States?
8) Yellowstone Park starches mostly in Wyoming, but also in the States of Montana and Idaho.
9) What can you admire there?
9) You can admire lakes, canyons, rivers and mountains and also an active volcano called “Yellowstone Caldera”.
10) What is the “OLD FAITHFUL” and what does it do?
10) The “OLD FAITHFUL” is the most famous geyser in the world. It regularly throw out jets of hot water in the air twice a day.
11) Which animals are typical of this park?
11) There are grizzly, bears, wolves, bison and elks.
12) What other mountains areas do you know?
12) The biggest mountain range in the USA are the Rocky Mountains that stretches from Canada to New Mexico.
13) How long are the Rocky Mountains?
13) They are four thousand and eight hundred kilometers long.
14) If you like lake and waterfalls where should you go?
14) The best place to admire lakes and waterfalls is on the border between Canada and the USA.
15) Can you name the five Great Lakes?
15) The Five Great Lakes are: Huron, Erie, Superior, Ontario and Michigan.
16) What does the Niagara River create?
16) The Niagara River creates the Niagara Waterfalls.
17) What other American river gives the name to a famous landmark?
17) The Colorado River gives the name to the state of Colorado.
18) Where does the river flow?
18) The river flows along the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
19) How deep is the Grand Canyon?
19) It’s one and a half kilometers deep.

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