Video appunto: Typical day - Description
Describing our typical normal day (example Sunday).

Student normally get worried each time teachers ask them to write about a normal day of theirs. Here’s a strategy of creating it.

I always wake up at 8:30 am, but I get up at 9 am. I usually go first to the kitchen to wash up the dishes and I always do my daily duties.
I go jogging for about 10 minutes and I come back to have a shower.
I help my mum prepare the afternoon lunch. I have lunch at 1:30 pm I clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. At 5:00pm I usually do my homework if I’m at home precisely but on the contrari I finish my homework before going out for dinner.
I never hang out with friends on sunday because I visit my gran-ma & pa at the village and also because I usually have dinner at 8:00 or 8:30 pm it depends. After dinner I watch the Tv, especially who wants to be a millionaire (which is not been showed recently ) not because I like it that much but because my parents loves the programme.
I regularly surf the net (particularly yahoo, facebook, youtube etc). It helps me connect with my cousin abroad and in Germany. Though I don’t suffer from computer-mania I like using it for different reasons. And on sundays I normally go to bed at half past ten (10:30pm).