Topic for Trinity - The trip to France

Last summer, in September, some of my schoolmates and me went to France with the french school professor for one week stay ,in a beautiful village in the south eastern of France.

The journey
to get to the village we took a private bus from Torino. During the
journey, which lasted six hours, we singed, laughed and talked a
lot. The bus was huge, a two floors, sixty seats vehicle.
Unfortunately we had a lot of stops because many students had
stomachache. The reason was for the curvy road across several
mountains. One of these stop was, luckily for me, to have lunch.
We ate pizza, drank coke and later free burp! When we arrived at
the village each of us had his own room assigned, and after a short rest, we met for dinner.


One thing that struck me was the Buffet. It was huge! For breakfast there were five tables full of delicious things to eat and drink.
One of the tables was covered with all tipe of sweets and cakes stuffed with chocolate, jam or cream. It was really delicious! Another table was carrying plenty of cheese, Italian and French but I don't like it so I focuset my attention only on the sweets.
For dinner and lunch the menù was almost the same. Ten tables fully covered with every imaginable kind of food. The first day I had serials problems in deciding what was the best choice.
The trip in the trip
One day we had a relaxing break from the studies. We went on an exciting trip on a kayak in a torrent, the “Gorges du Verdon”. The trip lasted four hours. Fortunately, the day was sunny and warm, but the water... was really frosty! I was excited because it was the first time for me to paddle in very narrow gorges. In each kayak there were four people. We started from a lake near the village, we continued towards the gorges and we were charmed by their beauty; they are very very high and the sky almost not visible. The vegetation was dense and with different shades of green. I found the trip very exciting, I've learned to go on kayaking and I am now passionate about this sport.

When I was on the bus, on the retun trip to Torino, I was thinking how that week has been so great and pleasant. I learned a lot of things and spent funny days with my friends. I hope I can repeat this very interesting experience also this year.

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