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Byron, George Gordon - Donna Julia's eyes

This extract was taken by the First Canto of the "Don Juan" written by George Gordon Byron, an anti-lyrical poem composed by four stanzas which one is written in "ottava rima".
This extract narrates the meeting of Don Juan with Donna Julia. He has fallen in love with her. Moreover Donna Julia is married to an older noble man. Don Juan was tortured by conflicting feelings of desire and honour and thus he immerged himself in thinking solemn and profound thoughts. It braves the problem of a complete or full illusioned in: Wordsworth (XC), Coleridge (XCI), his personal experience, in particular his philosophical problems (XCII) and ordindary language (XCIII).
The style is informal and conversational: it contrasts with the satirises of lyrical imaginings of the hero himself.
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