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On social networks, young people are more interested in searching for themselves, rather than searching for friends. Then, I think that the use of social networks on one hand can be destructive (Internet addiction) and produce isolation (a loss of contact with the real world); on the other hand, has the opposite effect, so it helps to socialize and construct their identity in relation to others, to communicate and get information in real time.For close friends I use “Whats'app”, another means of communication that allows you to exchange lots of free messages. I see around me that feelings are more superficial and relationships are based on the number of "likes" received; so while before I spent hours on the phone, now I exchange cold messages waiting for the others to answer me.
Thanks to my university studies I prefer real life to virtual life on social networks and I think that if people don't use social networks in the right way, the situation will degenerate .That's because people spend more time between computers and mobile phones, becoming more stressed and isolated, and spending less time living life, emotions and socializing with others as our parents used to do, before the invention of Internet. So I think that if people continue to prefer a virtual life, in the future they will become) like robots: cold, sad, and with the desire to do.
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