Me and tv

I don’t watch a lot of television. I watch only films and TV series. I watch TV series when I go to my grandmother’s house. She loves them, me too. I hate soaps because I think they are a waste of time. Maybe they are the worst programmes on TV but a lot of people think soaps are beautiful… I don’t understand them at all. I love vollyball so I watch a lot a volleyball matches but there are too much interrupting programmes. I can’t stand them. It’s always the same story: you’re watching something great, a commercial appears and some volleyball players start to show products. It isn’t fantastica t all. From this point of view BBC is the best channel because there aren’t inerrupting programmes. Some time ago I said that documentaries are boring but it isn’t true. A lot of men work hard to make a scene with a lion and that’s incredible because you can see unusual animals from your little TV screen. I don’t mind news but my parents watch them every evening and unfortunately I haven’t my own TV in my room so I can’t watch what I want. It’s better for me because I can’t watch stupid programmes. I really like cooking different types of cakes so I watch cooking programmes to find new recipes. Cartoons are for small children so I don’t watch them. My cousin is eight years old and he loves watching cartoons and even if I can’t stand them, I watch them with him. I’m really into music so I watch a lot of music programmes where singers tell us something about their life. They have a lot of money but they have a lot of ordinary friends, too. TV can be usefull if you don’t watch stupid programmes but if young people like me wants to watch stupid programes, they will always find a channel which show them.

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