1. Which types of television shows do you enjoy? Why?

I used to watch a wide variety of television shows. I really enjoy reality shows and cartoons. I think they're very interesting documentaries and news shows. I love spending time watching films and comedies.
2. How much time do you spend each week watching them?
During the school year I don't follow a lot of television. When I am at home I spend a lot of time for study or surf in the net. Instead, during the summer, after lunch, I usually watch television during the hottest hours of the day.
3. Which types of shows do you never watch? Why not?
I usually look at any type of television program and there are types that I've ever seen. Despite this there are programs that I'd rather not see. For example, I hate watching soap operas, but during lunch, my mother forced me to look at.

4. Have you ever been on television? Do you know anyone who has?
When I was little I have been conducting a Christmas episode of a show, because my father works for some broadcasters. It was a great experience and despite being very small I was very good and capable. Then my father brought me to participate in other television shows but I have not accepted, because I don't love to be recommended.
5. If you could appear on television, what sort of show would you prefer to be in?
I really like the show business world and if I had the opportunity I would like to conduct a music program.
6. Have you ever performed in public? How did you feel about this experience? What did you enjoy about it? What did you dislike?
In addition to participating in a television program, I participated in several concerts with an orchestra in my town, I have conducted numerous musical events, I participated in some plays with the theater group at my school. I have had many wonderful experiences that have contributed to my growth. I have met many people and make many friends. I was able to visit new places and learn new things. There are no negative aspects.
7. What type of television show do you think is best for someone who wants to be a celebrity?
If someone wants to become a celebrity easily, he can participate in a reality show. Instead, those who are more talented can participate in a talent show.
8. What sort of TV show do you find really boring?
I hate watching soap operas, but during lunch, my mother forced me to look at. I think it's a negative educational television program and during lunch I'd rather watch cartoons.
9. Which you prefer: watching films on television or the cinema? What sort of film do you prefer?
I prefer watching films at home, preferably alone, lying on my couch, eating popcorn or sandwiches. My favourite genre of films is the fantasy. I love "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings." I love this film because I like adventure, magic and mythological creatures.
10. Are there any types of film you don't like?
There is no specific genre of films that I don't like. But there are many films that I don't like, because I have some very difficult taste.
11. Do you go to the theatre or cinema often?
I attend the theater more than the cine.
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