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Nowadays, young people don't deal seriously with problems above all when they are adolescents, perhaps they get easily discouraged and they haven't enough will power. Most of them are like this but not all. Their insecurities sometimes lead them into taking drugs or into alcohol abuse. Today the number of young people that abuse drugs and alcohol have increased. Already at my age, in fact, I know some boys that use them also for fun. When I meet these kind of people or when one of my friends also start, I try to help them because for me, if they start drinking or taking drugs, they can get addicted , and they start finding it difficult to have fun without taking drugs or alcohol.
Young people of my generation use to ???hurt their body??. According to me this is becoming a fashion, because there are guys that do it for no reason so they take photos of their body and they share them on social networks just to be seen. I always try to help people in trouble, but I don't help these kind of people because they are just exhibitionist, and I don't agree with their stupid way of acting. Sometimes, my parents and my grandparents tell me about the way young people used to live and have fun in their generation. They tell me that they enjoyed themselves a lot just by doing simple things without all the technological gadgets which we have today like smartphones, tablets or PCs, and that they lived better without stress. New technologies are ruining toady’s youth. A stupid example is when I go out with my friends, especially when we go for a pizza. Each of us is with the phone in his hand chatting on whats app or posting photos on social networks. It is even worse when we chat among ourselves on whats app. If we are physically close sitting at the same table , why don't we talk face to face? I think that new technologies are in part responsible for this new behaviour and I can't [4] imagine how we will be in a few years time if now we act like this

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