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It is sad to say that like me, many local citizens are afraid of the future because we see it as being almost impossible to hope for a better life in this area. You of where your fruit and vegetables come from, you must learn to live side by side with the local mafia clan, but most of all, if you can try to avoid these things and you can learn to deal with them, there is nothing you can do to avoid the air that you breathe. Because even the air we breathe here is bad for us due to the fact, that often these waste materials are burned and you can’t avoid breathing in the toxic fumes. Every day people show their pain and worries through demonstrations and protests but it seems that no one hears them. These people, like me, are helpless. {If things don’t change we have no future here. My school has also tried to voice our opinion by writing newspaper editorials but unfortunately, nothing has come of this. Next week {I'm taking part in a protest with my friends because we don't want to give up. The local and national politicians have promised that they are going to do something to help us in this struggle but to this day nothing has changed except that things are just getting worse.

I am very angry with these people and with our government because they have given us no hope. As young people living in this area, the only choice we have is to move away from here as soon as possible. We {have to leave our homes and families with the hope of being able to find a better place to live or else our destiny is that we could probably die of cancer due to this huge problem which no one seems to care about or nobody wants to do something to solve it. We are all desperate for a solution. My only hope is that soon someone will do something to help us in our battle.
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