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My House

I live in a flat.
My house is large,comfortable and modern.
In my house there are seven rooms: kitchen, living room,two bathrooms and three bedrooms.
The kitchen is large, there is a fridge,a cooker, a cupboard, a table and six chairs.
The livingroom is modern, there is a sofà, a fire peace, a coffee table, a tv, a table with six chairs.
One of the bathroom is large, there is a toilet, a wash basin, a bath, a shower, a bidet, a mirror and a wash machine.
One of the bathroom is small, there is a bath, a bidet, a toilet and a wash basin.
My bedroom is small with two bed, a desk, a chair and an armchair.
My parent's room bedroom is big, there is a bed, an armchair, a carpet, two bedside table and a big mirror.
My brother's bedroom is big, there are two bed, an armchair, a light, a TV, a bookcase with desk and PC.

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