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Dear Alex,
my name is Francesco and I’m 14 and I live in Italy. I am pretty tall (1,65 meters) and I’m skinny. My eyes are green and my hair is brown and straight. I am a bit shy with strangers, but I am really happy to talk with friends!
My hobbies are photography and planes. I’ve got a YouTube channel called The Flying Eagle on where I publish videos from different airports and share my passion with others.

I love sport too: I play baseball and I’m three times regional champion with my team.
My parents are Mariella and Matteo. My mom teaches at a primary school in Foggia, and my dad owns a farm. He also works as a graphic designer and he has the same passions as me!
I study in a strange school. I study at home, with my parents. This type of school is called homeschooling, or "educazione parentale" in Italian.
Since I was six, I am a Greenpeace volunteer, with some other people and my parents.
In this period, I am really busy with the exams. When I will finish those exams (and I hope everything will be okay with them), me and my family will go in The Netherlands.
And you? Give me some informations about your hobbies, your family and everything you want to share with me...
While I wait for an answer, I hug you!
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