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I would like to talk about the first day when I started working in a Primary School. About 6 years ago I was a college student and my ambition was to become a Doctor but I soon realized that I wanted to become a teacher. My first experience as a teacher was in Rome. I like to say that I'm a very good teacher for children. During my English lessons children love watching English Cartoons or also doing many manual activities like painting. For about 3 years I've taught English to Primary School students but now I also teach, as well as English, Music. I love these subjects. Often on my Facebook account I write about my love for teaching.
In fact I consider teaching not only a way to earn a salary but as a vocation, I feel as if it's always my first day at school. Our last school trip was a wonderful experience and the children enjoyed it very much, they asked me lots of questions about the Pope. They were so good so next year I’ll probably take them to Alaska. To conclude my story I would like to say that teaching for me is synonymous of passion and love. So I can say that I hope to be a teacher forever. My favorite type of car is the cross-country vehicle and in particular I prefer the Range Rover because I like bigger cars and also I like the cross-country vehicle because they have a bigger engines , so they have a lot of get-up and go . The problem about cross-country vehicles is that they consume a lot of petrol compared to normal cars .

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