Michael Jackson

A short description about a famous artist, Michael Jackson.
My favorite artist is a famous American singer and songwriter and an excellent dancer and his name is Michael Joseph Jackson. He was born in 29 of August 1958 in Gary in Indiana, in the USA. He is the most awarded singer in the world and his most famous albums are Thriller, History and Off the Wall and these are my favorite albums of his career. For me Michael is the best pop singer of the history of the music, in fact his nickname was “The king of Pop”. I love his style and his distinctive sound, because he influenced the artists of hip hop, pop and rock music. Michael also invented the Moonwalk, a famous and complicated pass of dance and he popularized other dance techniques. I love looking at his passes of dance while he performing in a concert, because his choreographies are specials and very beautiful to see. While Jackson was preparing for his comeback concert series titled “This is it”, he died for a cardiac arrest the 25 of June 2009. His contributions to music, dance and fashion, made him a global figure in the popular culture. Michael Jackson was an incredible person for me, because he traveled constantly around the world to give money to the humanities associations and because I really like his songs for his unique and unmistakable voice.

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