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I love animals, especially dogs. It is said that dogs are true friend to men (ecause they are faithful to their master and I agree on this point. Though I like all dogs I prefer small ones to bigger ones because they are nicer and it’s easy to keep them in a house or in an apartment . In fact, to keep a dog in a house you need to be very patient, because a dog can change your life! They often nibble your furniture or they pee on the floor, so you have to clean non-stop. I always wanted a dog when I was a child, but my parents didn’t want one at home because my house hasn’t got a garden but only a balcony. I always cried because I felt alone as I didn’t have any brothers or sisters , and I didn’t have a lot of friends either , so my dream was to have a puppy to keep me company. One day, when I came back home after a walk with my uncle, I found a beautiful surprise. I looked up and I saw a little dog that was barking on my balcony, so I felt that my dreams came true. I went in and I hugged my puppy because I was very happy! The name that I chose for my dog was Rocky. Rocky and I were always together, and we grew up together. Some years later, my parents decided to leave Rocky at my grandmother’s home, because we went on holiday for one month. When we returned from our holiday we found a horrible surprise: Rocky wasn’t there anymore because a thief had stolen him. I was very sad and I cried for a long time, and I promised that I would never have a dog anymore because I had just lost my best friend!
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