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Grunge music

I love music, it is one of my biggest passion and it is important in my life. In general I prefer going to concerts, but this isn’t always possible.
My Favorite kind of music is grunge, this is a music subgenre of rock and I like this music because is interesting. But I listen all music every day, except electronic, because it is very loud. My favorite grunge group is Nirvana and my favorite Nirvana’s album is “Nevermind”, with my favorite song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, but at the moment I haven’t their CD's.
Grunge was born in the 1985. It is characterized by a return to simple instrumentation (bass-guitar-drums). The rock of Nirvana is closer to punk. The songs are often initially obscure, hypnotic, made of verses where the voice is painful, to flow into angry shouted choruses. The commercial success of the planetary grunge genre is to be found in 1991, the year when the Nirvana's album came out. The album and in particular the single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” pointed to the world a new way of understanding music rock. The album built on the basis of the lesson "verse calm-chorus strong", was a huge success, thanks to the contribution of the television station MTV. For many fans the end of grunge generally coincides with certain events such as the suicide of Cobain in 1994. The listeners of this genre are also characterized by a style that includes long hair, ripped jeans, Converse sneakers often old and damaged, ragged t-shirt, heavy sweaters, often monochromatic and plaid flannel shirts.

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