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My favorite holiday

My favorite holiday is Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday because i am able to spend time with my family.
My family is very important to me and Christmas time brings us together, not to mention all the good food we eat.
On Christmas morning if I wake up early , I help my mother prepare breakfast because i am so excited for the day to begin.My family has breakfast together and afterwards we must open the gifts. Receiving gifts is nice, but i really love giving a family member something they really like. Last Year i bought my mother a necklace that she had wanted for months, she was so happy to get it, because she was happy, i felt happy.I think my favorite Christmas was 4 years ago when i received a dog.
My father kept a dog a surprise and we were very happy about that!Now the dog is 4 years old and she gets her own gifts on Christmas.
She is part of the family and one of the reason i still love Christmas so much.I Remember when my father took her at home while i was sleeping and when i woke up i said;Beautiful present and now i call her Tequila;It was unforgetable. Next year I’m spending Christmas in the same way and I hope next Christmas will be as beautiful as that one.
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