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Age arcadia

The age of Arcadia is the period of time between the last decade of the '600 and the beginning of' 700. Founded by a group of poets and writers, in 1960 in Rome, it is caratterizzatata a literary taste classic whose base was dell'espressone simplicity and feeling. The poems consist of short verses and melodious. The greatest exponent is Matastasio Peter (1968-1782).
His greatest work is linked to numerous melodramas.
The Enlightenment
In Italy and in Europe, 700 in development is a cultural movement - philosophical called "Enlightenment", the base of which there were the lights of reason. It offers equality among men. Find maximum spread in France, with Diderot and D'Alembert who invented the first encyclopedia that contained all the knowledge then known. In Italy, the main centers of the Enlightenment were Milan and Naples. There was a large spread of the Treaties of political argument -social, like "On Crimes and Punishments" by Cesare Beccaria. Other authors were Giuseppe Parini, Vittorio bishops, Carlo Goldoni.
The evolution of language
In the Italy of '700 different languages ​​are used.
- Latin
- Italian
- French
And the various dialects. The dialect was used mainly in the theater.

Evolution of language

In the first half of '800 Italian language was most prevalent among people of high society, and 80% of the population was illiterate and spoke the dialect. To start or written language that was spoken by the Betrothed Alessandro Manzoni, in which he uses the Florentine spoken by educated and eliminates the Lombard dialect expressions .After the unification of Italy (1861), then in the second half of the 800 c ' It was the need for a single language.

-obbligo education elementary use of the 'Italian as an official language of the state.
-Constitution a bureaucratic relationship - ammnistrativo.
-spostamenti frequent officials.
-Establishment of conscription, it needed a common language for interdirsi.
¬-circulation newspapers.
-the development of commercial activities.
Neoclassicism means WORLD CLASSIC, it draws inspiration from the models of classical greek - Roman tents in search of beauty absolute perfection. The lead author is Foscolo.
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