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I get up at .... a.m.
I go to the bathroom, I brush my teeth, I have a shower and I get dressed.
I don't have breakfast, because I don't like eat in the morning.
I leave home at 7.10 a.m and I go to school by bus.
Lesson start at ... a.m and finish at.... .
My favorite subjects are: History, English, Mathematics, Law, Social studies, Science and D.
I get back home at...p.m .
I have lunch alone/with my family.
From... p.m to .... I do my homework.
I watch cartoons, soap operas, talk show and films on TV or I listen music.descrizione di una giornata di vita quotidiana
I don't practice sport because I am lazy.
I go out for a walk and I meet my friends.
When I don't do my homework, I text my friends and I surf the net.
I don't like watch the news on TV, because they always give bad news.
I help always my mother and dad with the housework. I make my bed, I clean my house, I wash the dishes, I do the ironing, I lay the table and I clear the table.
I have dinner with my family.
After dinner I watch TV and I relax and then at midnight I go to bed.
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