Video appunto: Augustan poetry and Early Romantic poetry
Agustan poetry and Early Romantic poetry (1760-1837)

Agustan poetry: impersonal material, land noble eloquence and intellectual novel or reason.

Early Romantic poetry: subjective material and lyrical experience of life and emotional poetry, poetry essentially reflective, revaluation of rural origins and sense of melancholy and sadness.

Pastoral poetry: landscape detailed, simplicity and domesticity (country life) and nature sees as beatiful entity; the best applicant was William Cowper with The Task.

Natural poetry: physical and in motion, wild scenes and primitive man; the best applicant was James Thomson.

Ossianic or pre-romanticism: interest in the past, church yard as setting, legendary irish hero Ossian, wild gloomy landscapes and meloncholy as feelings; James Macpherson wrote "Fragments of Ancient poetry".

Graveyard poetry: tomb as a symbol of death and immortality, tone of melancholy, landscapes, stormy ruins and cemeteries as setting; the applicants were Thomas Gray, who wrote "Elegy written in a Country Churchyard", and Edward Young, who wrote "Night Thoughts".

Scots diaclect poetry: the best applicant was Robert Burns who was Scottish and the language he used was the folk.