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The word yearning means a deep wish or longing for something. It implies a sadness or emotional element.
Ex: My first week at university left me yearning for home. I was afraid my parents would be disappointed if I decided to come home.
Ex: When the main character in the novel died it left me yearning for a new ending. It felt like the author had betrayed her readers.
The verb to yearn can also mean a tender or loving feeling about something. In this case, it can also refer to an attraction to something or someone.
Ex: My mother and father were yearning over my new baby brother. Their loving relationship was established the minute they saw each other.
Ex: My lab partner was yearning over the blooming plant we had nurtured. He was delighted that we'd managed to keep it alive


The word itch refers to the want or need to do or get something. It refers to a nagging feeling that you need to take action.
Ex: I have the itch to visit the United States. I am even considering a transfer to Harvard University to continue my studies.
Ex: Pamela has the itch to bake cookies even though she is trying to lose weight. She just cannot satisfy her appetite for sweets.
The word itch also refers to a skin irritation that makes you want to stop it by scratching your skin. The word itchy also describes this feeling.
Ex: I cannot reach the part of my back that has the itch. It is a nagging, irritating feeling! Will you scratch it for me?
Ex: When I got poison ivy, I was so itchy! The lotion you recommended really fit the bill and relieved the irritation.
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