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To be pale or turn pale is to have your skin turn very white or lose its color. When someone goes pale, the color drains from their face. Pale as an adjective means without color, dull, or white. It is a synonym for pallid.
EX: The mother turned pale when she turned and realized that her child had escaped her in the busy parking lot.
EX: The professor noted one of her students appearing very pale, and inquired if she was feeling well enough to sit for the exam that day.
The expression beyond the pale means outside of acceptable standards. If you do something beyond the pale, you are doing something that is not allowed by polite standards. The expression has its roots in history when the English were advised not to go beyond points of wooden fencing, or pales, into other lands for their own safety.
EX: I understand that Jill and her former friend no longer get on, but verbally attacking another person's child is really beyond the pale.
EX: Billy had grown so socially unaware, that he honestly didn't know that his behavior was considered beyond the pale by others.


To flush is to have your skin turn red out of anger, heat, or embarrassment. One can also flush from modesty or shame and in this sense it is a synonym of blush.
EX. Flush with anger, the man attempting to navigate the busy car park could not believe that the car ahead of him had taken the space he clearly intended to use.
EX: The young man, new to public performance flushed with a mixture of pride and embarrassment when he was showered with compliments from his grandparents.
To flush out something is to clear it out using water. You can flush out a clogged line or an eye with something in it. The expression flush out should not be confused with flesh out, which means to add detail to or explain further.
EX: Our neighbour suggested we try to flush out the pipe with a hose before calling a plumber, but as first-time homeowners, we decided we did not want to risk causing water damage due to our inexperience.
EX: Our science labs are all equipped with at least one first aid station at which a student can flush out his or her eyes in case any irritants reach the mucous membranes.
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