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Spices - test question
What are spices?
They are the name given to food seasonings made from plants. They come from different part of the various spice plants.

What are common spices?
They are: pepper; nutmeg; cloves; ginger; allspice; mace; mustard; cinnamon.

Are they used for nutritional value?
I don’t think so. They have a little food value but they do increase the appetite and stimulate the organs of digestion.

Are spices only used in the preparation of food?
No, they aren’t. Before food were refrigerated or canned, spices were used to make tainted foods taste better.

Why have spices played an important part in history?
Because merchants made great profits in the early days of the spice trade, the cities of Genoa and Venice became powerful because they were at the center of the spice trade with the East.

What do you know about Moluccas?
They are a little islands in the Carribean Sea, the climate is tropical and people that stay here are Indians.
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