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Appunti di Lingua inglese per l'esame della professoressa Ruggiero su Pretty voice. Gli argomenti sono trattati a partire del testo inglese: " Siobhan Grogan meets Shakira, the Latin pop diva with a political message", Much more than just a pretty voice.

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Much more than just a pretty voice

Siobhan Grogan meets Shakira, the Latin pop diva with a political message

learning English so that she would not need

15,000 New Yorkers look startled as Saddam someone else to translate her lyrics. Yet she

Hussein strokes his chin and considers his next seems equally at home pouting for men's

chess move. Across the table George Bush waits magazines.

his turn. A single spotlight moves away from the Shakira was born in Barranquilla, an industrial

actors on the big screen to the stage below, town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and she

searching out Shakira, the newest, blondest pop moved to Miami eight years ago. "I have always

diva. been aware of the situation in Colombia" Shakira

"I know pop stars are not supposed to stick their acknowledges. "A five-year-old child there knows

noses into politics," she says, shrugging. The what a guerrilla is. They probably know who

screen above her head next reveals Bush as a Mickey Mouse is, too. They are aware that there

hooded Grim Reaper and Saddam's puppeteer, is injustice.”

controlling the chess game below. This is hardly Her first song, Your Dark Glasses was a tribute to

subtle social comment, but it is daring for a pop her father ("My idol," she declares). Aged just 14

concert in a city still with a painful scar in its she released her first album, Magia, comprising

altered skyline. Shakira may have sold 12m songs she had written between the ages of 8 and

albums and accepted the "Latin Britney" tag, but 13. In 1995 her third album, Pies Descalzos, sold

this is not the behavior of a pop princess. 4m copies and Shakira the popstar was born.

"Sometimes people don't want to see pop stars Encouraged by Latin diva Gloria Estefan she

giving their opinion about politics. They think pop spent the next two years studying rhyming

stars are made to entertain. I come from dictionaries, the poems of Walt Whitman and the

Colombia, a country that has been in a slow, lyrics of Leonard Cohen, hoping to learn English.

subtle war for 40 years. Growing up with this "I had to find a way to express my ideas and my

makes you have an opinion. It was a little risky to feelings, my day-to-day stories, in English." She

use my show to deliver a message - many people then went to rural Uruguay to write her debut

around me told me not to do it - but it was a English-language album, Laundry Service. Even

statement about love and what I feel this world more significantly, she dyed her black hair blonde

and its leaders are lacking." on the eve of the album's release in 2001, to the

This explanation unwittingly betrays the disgust of a number of her original fans. It was a

contradictions behind everything Shakira does. fuss over nothing, she says. "I'm not pretending to

While she wants to make serious political be American. How could I? I am Colombian. I

observations, she feels it necessary to couch would never abandon the Latin community."

them in less controversial words about love. She

points out the control she has over her own The Guardian Weekly 20-2-2002

career: writing and producing her own material,




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