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This text was taken from “the economist”.

In the first part, the writer describe the experience of the professor in Second life. How second

life helped he to explain to his students how their patients suffer.

It was written by a professor of psychiatry at the university of California.

He teach about schizophrenia but he never able to explain to his students how his patients suffer.

So, the professor, went online and downloaded some free software and entered second life.

The professor crated hallucinations using second life. The web improved understanding of


After the professor leases an island in second life where he has built a clinic. He gives his students

“avaters” so they can attend his lectures inside and then experience hallucinations.

After the writer explain what is a second life.

Second life is a 3-D virtual world created by its Residets.

Since opening to the public in 2003.

.It isn’t a game, to much people use it for things that are serious, many people use it as

communications medium ( for example is possible give an interview in second life ).

The users can create and be anything that they want.

Second life connects the peoples.

The history:

Second life burned 3 years ago by Linden Leb and his founder, Philip Rosedale, had idea to:

construct something that would allow people to extend reality by building a virtual life.

In the Second life the residents can build what they want and they can copy, modify and transfer

the objects and so can create a trade in world-currency (moneta virtuale) the LINDER DOLLARS


The linder dollars are exchangeable for HARD CURRENCY ( valuta reale).

The residents should own the intellectual property inherent in their creations.

To enter in second life need to create a avater and download the software that have to install in the


Linden Leb does not sell advertising, it makes money when residents lease property.

In the conclusion:

Second life is the unique in witch the users conceive what they sell; so is defined the only example

of a self-sustained economy on the internet.




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