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Appunti in lingua inglese di scienze della comunicazione del professor Ruggiero. Il file contiene una esercitazione sulle email, i blogs, e le newsgroup, le reti informatiche, internet ed il world wide web, in particolare: ''why email look like speech''.

Esame di Diritto della comunicazione e dell'informazione docente Prof. L. Ruggiero



Unit 4 Internet and the World Wide Web

Lesson 2 – E- ,


Exercise 8 : Put the following e-mails in the correct order.

A) Dear Ms Saarland,

Thank you very much for your email of the 7th March. I am looking forward to working with you in

the coming months and years and to seeing you soon.



B) Re: Our first meeting

Hello again Susan’

Sorry for the delay in replying but I had to forward both our schedules to my boss to get his input.

Anyway, I’ve attached a copy of your schedule with the best slots for me shaded in red. Any of these is

fine, but I’d like to meet as soon as possible.



C) Dear Graham,

Sorry meeting up is turning out to be so complicated. I guess we are both just so busy that everyone

wants our time! I’m holding meetings with my new colleagues here almost every Monday and Friday for

the foreseeable future, but I’m usually free midweek. Please find attached a copy of my schedule for the

first two weeks of April. Please pick any slot you like and I’ll do my very best to make it then.

Thanks for your patience.

All the best


D) Dear Mr Smith,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Susan Saarland and I am the new South Western sales

manager for Chou Cream English Schools. The previous sales manager for your area, Chris Jones, has

been promoted to Head of Marketing and has asked me to pass his best wishes onto you.

I look forward to doing business with you and hope we get the chance to meet soon


Susan Saarland

E) Dear Graham,

Thanks for your quick reply. If it is convenient with you, I will be able to meet with you very soon

indeed as I am visiting one of your colleagues on Wednesday, 25th March. I am planning to finish the

meeting at 12:30 p.m., and would be very glad to meet you any time after that.

Best wishes


F) Dear Susan,

Thanks for making the time to meet up with me at such short notice, but I’m afraid I’m attending a

conference abroad on that day. I’m flying back on the Sunday and will be available anytime from

Monday afternoon of the following week.

Hope to see you soon.

Best regards


G) Susan,

OK. Great. See you then.


P.S. I know a great place for lunch if you have time after the meeting.

H) Hi Graham. Great! Will see you at 10 am on the 2nd.


Susan 8

Exercise 9 : Formality or informality

1. Match each expression in column 1 with one or two of similar meaning in columns 2 and 3.

2. What are the differences between the similar expressions?

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3

P.S. Regarding CU

forward Thank you By the way

enclose See you soon Re:

I am very grateful (for) Best wishes All the best

Ms Saarland I’m Hi

Regards Hello Sue

With reference to I would like to add (that) attach

I am Susan Cheers

Dear send on

I hope to see you soon

Exercise 10

Correct errors in the following e-mail messages:

1. I have found the nice restaurant near here.

2. I’d love to meet you on Thursday night.

3. I’m looking forward to seeing you very soon

4. Would you like to go out for dinner on this Wednesday?

5. Dear Mr David

6. Tomorrow is fine- I’m free all day. See you then.

7. PPS I am meeting with an old classmate of yours on Friday

8. To Doctor Smith

9. Why don’t we meet at London?

10. Thanks for the invitation, but I am flying abroad on that day

11. I am going out with my friends

Text 1: Why E-mail Looks Like Speech (by Naomi S. Baron)

Surveying the burgeoning literature on email, we find the medium depicted in a variety of ways:

™ Æ

letters by phone email as a form of writing

™ Æ

speech by other means email as a form of speech

™ Æ

mix and match email as a combination of written and spoken elements

™ Æ

e-style email as a distinct language style

™ Æ

contact system email as a still-evolving language style

The first two approaches attempt to pigeonhole email into the mould of existing modalities of

communication: either email is essentially a written message conveyed by a new electronic medium –

‘letters by phone’ – or it is speech that happens to be written down for transmission purposes – ‘speech

by other means’. These two models (especially the latter) predominated in the early days of email and

continue to thrive among the general public.

Language and media specialists tend to offer more complex models. The ‘mix and match’ approach

empirically tallies the speech-like qualities of email and those that look more like writing. An alternative

tack speaks of ‘e-style’ (or a synonym) that is neither speech nor writing. Recently, David Crystal has

mapped out the distinct linguistic properties of what he calls ‘Netspeak’, which he defines as the

language of computer-mediated communication. Finally, the ‘contact system’ argument suggests that

the unfolding of email is very much like the development of a pidgin or creole. While the system has an

identifiable grammar, there is also broad variation across users and usages. Since the system is still

undergoing considerable transformation, there is no certainty how it will end up. Seen trough this

model, it is to soon to tell if email will eventually look more speech-like, more like writing, or become a

distinct genre. 9




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