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Wales: generalities and historical outline

Wales is a country in the west part of Great Britain. It’s a mountain region and the northwest part is particularly famous for its natural beauty. The coast is rich in sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Many tourists visit Wales for this reason.
South Wales is one of the most industrialized areas in Britain and a major mining district. Archeologists proved that the even Romans used to mine for Welsh gold.
Cardiff is the largest and most important city of Wales, and it’s also its capital.
Swansea and Newport are two other large important towns for industry and commerce.

Historical outline of Wales
Wales was invaded by the Celts in BC 1000; they spread over the country and developed farming and cattle breeding. The Romans arrived in AD 61 AD but they never managed to romanize Wales. Then, the Anglo-Saxons arrived and for long struggled with the Welsh for the country.

In the 8th century, the King of Mercia built a long wall along the border diving England and Wales to keep the Welsh from trespassing. After decades of struggles between England and Wales, in the 13th century the Welsh Prince, Llewelyn the Great, reunited his people and re-conquered some lands from the English. But his grandson was then defeated by the King of England, Edward I, who made his son first Prince of Wales (1301). In 1707 the Act of Union declared the union of England, Scotland and Wales in one new kingdom, Great Britain.
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