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Vacanze in Sardegna

The last year I, my family and our friends decided to organize a holiday in Sicily. It’s a fabulous island that it need to visit at last once.
We decided to go there to do overcome the fear in my father to travel in high sea but we weren’t able because he forced us to do twelve hours of travel by car.The holiday, really, wasn’t as we planed because we booked, through an agency, two nice little villas made in masonry and located a few meters from sea. The agency guaranteed us that the camping had all types of comfort: animation, disco, swimming pool and each house overlooked on a small port. That village existed but we, to our knowledge, were placed in a near village that seemed a farm. Besides we couldn’t take advantage of comfort because we didn’t stay in that village , despite we pay to stay there. We were very disappointed and then we rented a house. The holiday didn’t started well but we tried to have fun. And, fortunately, we had fun a lot. In fact some evenings we organized beautiful bonfire on the beach, with some boys known there.
We lighted the fire and we cooked a lot of thinks, like primitive men; we danced and we played karaoke and then, after dinner, everybody dived in the sea. it’s wonderful swimming in the sea under the stars.
Another thing that I can’t forget is the day that we passed in Taormina. There aren’t words to describe the beauty of this city. We went on a beach that it’s called ‘ The beautiful island’. It was crowded. The sea seemed a mirror where it could reflect.
This year I ‘m going to go to Sardinia because many people say that is a island dream and I don’t want to miss this opportunity.
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