Video appunto: Tourism in Italy - Sardinia
Tourism in Italy - Sardinia

Recently people travel a lot for so many reasons, it’s important for first-time travellers to know that Sardinians are very popular in Italy and of corse the city in which they live ia a very affordable one. In fact, if you play your cards right you can stay in a charming neighbourhood and still have enough money left at the end of the day in order to experiment the Sardinian night life (by visiting some old but famous clubs, pubs, discos and bars).
Lots of people especially the youths hang out in this places during the evenings. There are little towns situated in the eastern part of Sardinia, most have also got a medium-sized part with lovely views while sitting on a bench. Some cities have got some medieval architectural buildings constructed by the ancient residente and today they have been used as museums. A city called Tortolì is not really the liveliest or the most buzzing zone in Sardinia but it is the place for late dinners because it’s got the trendiest hotels and restaurants.
You’ll also find the hippest clothing storse here where you can buy both men and women wearings. Itsa small city so it hasn’t got any university not to talk of being loud, but it’s got some primari and secondare schools where different pupils frequent and costantly make the place loud with their noise. If you want to avoid the tourists it’s better for you to stay away from mid July to August. Tortolì is also spetacular during the spring and September and October are pretty good as well (although it tends to rain a lot in October).