Video appunto: Self-description - Apperance, personality, present mood
Self-description - Appearance, personality, present mood)

Appearance. I’m tall, I’m not fat nor slim so I’m average built. I’ve got dark black eyes and pierced ears and also thinking of getting my belly pierced, naturally I’ve got a curly hair but I use a Uk product called “ Dark and lovely” to make my hair straight.
Now I’m wearing braidlocks tied back. I don’t wear glasses and chains. I’ve got a “V-shaped”, I’m fair in complexion. I’m phsically well-built.

Personality. I’m most time quiet (of corse when I don’t have anything to say concernine certain situations and issues at hand), I’m generous, hard-working, decisive and most especially patient (but this doesn’t mean that people could easily take me for granted or take advantage of me). Like anyother persona m patient for sometime afterwhich you take what we see. I’m a trust-worthy person and my parents are very proud and can witness that. I don’t criticize people a lot about their way of living or introducing themselves, for I believe everyone has got a different story to tell. I dont’ think I’m selfish but I’m absolutely sure I’m sometimes shy when I’m in the mist of stranger or when I get to meet new people.

Present mood. I feel relaxed, I’m cool, happy, thoughtful, I’m having fun with some really funny studente that don’t have works doing.