Roman Britan

The Roman conquest of Britain began roughfley in the year 56 b.C. whit the invasion of Julius Caesar. The Romans introduces a literate culture into Britain for the first time in its history. The Romans built roads, fortifications, boths, amphitheatres and towns. In towns Romans administered the rural celtic population. Many modern towns had names such as Manchester or Winchester, being formed with the suffix 'chester which derives from the Latin castra, meaning military camp.
Indeed, many Roman towns were initially army camps.

Wealthy Britons adopted the opulent lifestyles of the Romans. The caledonians, refused to be colonised and Emperor Hadrian decided to build a wall to keep the northen raiders out of Roman Britain. Hadrian was one of the few Roman emperors to renounce the politicy of unlimited imperial expansion, preferring to settle for a smaller territorial for governed and protected effectively.

By the end of roman Empire ha begun to full apart and in a.D 409 the emperor Honorius was forced to pull his roman legions out of Britain.
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