Video appunto: Beyoncè - Presenting a star's biography
Beyoncè: how to present a favorite singer biography using simple key-words

My favorite singer is Beyoncè Griselle Knowles. She’s born in Houston, Texas, USA on 4th Sept. 1981. She’a s inger, model, actress. She’s got brown eyes and brown long hair, she’s half black and american or mixed.
She was born into a loving family; she starter singing when she was only seven years old in the church choir on Sunday’s and then she moved on to opera classes in which she was classically trained. She was natural; and with her cousin Kellt Rowland they met Roberson and Luckelt and they formed a trio which was the “Destiny ‘s Child”. They recorded and sold lots of albums (about 33 million copies by 2002) with the lyrics such as: Bills bills bills, Survivor and automatically became unstoppable. In 2001 the componente of the group decided top art ways and tried to produce individually. Beyoncè became the first African-american female artist and won several awards. In 2008 she got married to a male singer Jay-Z (Obama’s best rapper accordino to a television interview) with whom she collaborated with other time. Romours began to circulate about their relationship after Beyoncè’s appearance on his song “ 03 Bonnie & Clyde”. In 2009 Beyoncè sang single ladies, If I were a boy, one U.S billboard not 100 and announced her pregnancy durino the 2008 MTV music video award.
Recently they’ve had the little Blu-Ivy.