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New York - the big Apple

The experience I would like to talk about is my travel study in “The Big Apple”, New York City. This has really been the most important experience in my life because the emotions and the sensations I felt, visiting this city for only two weeks, were unique and unrepeatable. I remember the arrival being s0 exciting that I started crying for the joy of feeling a new atmosphere and a new reality in a city that I had never seen before. I also got struck by the wonderful skyscrapers which are among the symbols of this city… Unfortunately, I only got to visit the “Empire State Building”, one of the most famous and tallest skyscrapers in New York, This marvel is visited by millions of tourists each year, and the sensation I felt when I was at the top was a great sense of liberty in admiring the fantastic panorama of the Big Apple, that took my breath away and made me feel as small as a/an another cultural icon of New York is the Statue Of Liberty. We were all curious to see with our own eyes the famous statue which we had already seen in so many American movies. When we took a cruise around Ellis Island, we could admire it in all its magnificence. It was evening when the cruise started and all around , the view was lit by the skyscrapers and the Brooklyn Bridge’s lights.
At the sight of the statue I was surely astonished by its beauty, but, at the same time, I was a bit disappointed because I expected it to be much bigger . In spite of this “little” disappointment I still felt very lucky to have this opportunity and to live this fantastic experience, but I have to say that I would have been more satisfied Another wonderful New York attraction is Central Park, where we had a long walk and we saw hundreds of squirrels running around the open green spaces. I also went for dinner in two important restaurants in Manhattan, “Hard Rock Café” and the famous “Bubba Gump Shrimp”, where shrimps were of course the specialty. I also visited the beautiful “Little Italy Quarter”. Here, Italian people were very friendly and I paid attention to them when they talked about their stories and their new life in the States. Finally I had a good time in a lot of museums, like the Natural History Museum that is the biggest and most visited in the world.
This huge building houses 46 exhibition halls, displaying from native people to dinosaurs, fossils, mammals and other collections which contain over 32 million specimens. The place I appreciated more was Times Square. Besides being lively and dynamic, it also a melting pot of races. In fact, when I walked in Times Square I met a lot of people, who created an exciting atmosphere and an impetuous force involving all the tourists. I believe that it’s an extraordinary thing to meet so many different people in one and only place, that testifies a big community and a real link between them.The most exciting and interactive attraction in the heart of Times Square is Madame Tussauds , where I “met” the world’s most famous celebrities, politicians and icons. The colorful place, where this attraction is located, is full of big lights and wonderful skyscrapers which is breathtaking to visit by night Among all the emotions I felt during my holiday , the one which I will never forget was the awaking in a city like New York! I still remember the first day I woke up in the Big Apple when I looked out the window and I noticed the real bustle of a huge city, where cars and people never stopped. This really means that New York is a city that never sleeps where I received a warm welcome which I never had from any other city. So, with all my heart, I hope to return there again and to live every single emotion and sensation again.
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