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Gambling is a real dangerous activity because it can become obsessive and addictive. I once heard of this person that had been gambling for as long as seven months and couldn't get himself to stop. It had really became a true addiction. The problem was that he wasn’t lucky at all and never won any money. Instead he lost a huge amount of money, much more money than he could earn and in so doing he put his family in great difficulty. He didn’t realize that his situation was becoming critical and he always thought that next time he would win enough money to make up for what he’d previously lost. But isn't it supposed to be exactly like this? I think that when you gamble the chances that you actually win are scant and the game is based on this probability. One you lose, you bet a double amount of money so that if you win you make up for the previous loss and so on and on until you actually win. Well, this man never won and had lost a lot of money trying. He ought to have stopped but he wouldn't accept help from his family about it. And so this friend of his helped him on a daily basis and tried to have him playing ever less, but not making him stop altogether to avoid the risk of making the situation even worse. He kept him busy and made him discover again the pleasure of a life without gambling until he slowly understood that he could live without it.
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