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Food in Britain

Many visitors to Britain often complain about English food. They say it hasn’t got much variety. It’s true that English food has little variety compared to Italian or French food, but it has more variety than most people think. The fact is that English people give less importance to food than people on the Continent.
The traditional English breakfast is a bigger meal than on the Continent.
Some people have corn flakes with milk and sugar. Then comes the main course of bacon and eggs, sausages and tomatoes, and a few slices of toast, with butter and marmalade. The most popular drinks at breakfast are tea and coffee.
Lunch is a lighter meal than on the Continent. Many children have their midday meal at school, and most working people in large cities have no time to go back home for lunch. They have lunch at a snack-bar or self-service restaurant. These serve a good meal cheaply. If they want a better meal they go to a restaurant, but prices are often high. If they work in a factory, they probably have lunch in the canteen. Some people take a few sandwiches to eat at the office during the lunch break.
People have tea at five o’clock, usually with cakes or biscuits. The biggest meal of the day is dinner.
Last Saturday evening Patricia went to Ann’s party. She didn’t take a bus. She took a taxi and arrived at nine o’clock. When she rang the bell, Ann opened the door. “Hullo Pat”. “Hullo Ann”. “ Come in and give me your coat”. Ann said. Patricia went in and gave Ann her coat. Ann took Patricia into the large drawing-room. There were a lot of people there, but she didn’t know many of them. There were a lot of cakes and (a lot of) drinks. Then one of the boys said: “Let’s put on some records and dance”. “That’s a good idea”, said Ann. So they put records on and danced. While they were dancing the phone rang. Ann went and answered it and when she came back she said: “That was the man in the flat below. He said we are making a lot of noise”.”Why don’t you invite him up?” one of the girls said. They all laughed. It was a good party, and Patricia had a wonderful time. She didn’t go home early. She went home late. She went home at half past one. “Thank you, Ann. It was a lovely party”, she said. “Please, come again soon”, Ann replied. When Patricia got home she fell asleep almost before she touched the pillow.
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