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Why would I want to study biology? My father maybe is right; studying biological sciences doesn’t open many doors for a good well-paid job near home. Or it’s going to be difficult to find one. And considering that I don’t want to spend my life in a lab, but I like being outdoors, travelling, taking care of the animals, perhaps what my father says is even more real.
However, he also told me that if I want to go to University, I have to choose a program that I like or it will be difficult to keep up with the exams and obtain good results.

Well, I like biology, as well as chemistry and other scientific subjects. The origin of the species, how our body functions, how our whole world and ecosystems work… it all fascinates me. I love animals and I would do anything to enter in the field of research and spend time in the field, outdoors, to follow and collect data on some type of wild animal. I also like travelling and I’m open to move abroad if that’s what it will take to find a job. So yes, I think I have made my decision and I intend to put my mind in it and when the time comes I will face the problem of finding a job. But not just yet.
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