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Athletic career

Athletics has ancient origins, it has been performed since the time of Ancient Greece and it was practiced for religious functions. The athletics is formed by a lot of sports disciplines the most popular ones are : jumps, throws, running and a particular kind of running “the march”. Often only one athlete can take part in the races but there are races where more than one athlete can compete. This sport is performed on a ring track which is 400 meters long where people practice jumps and throws.I started running because I watched some marathons and races and I was attracted by the idea of being able to run so much without stopping. I like it a lot even if it’s very exhausting. I prefer doing short distances and jumping than long distance because I find it boring. I used to practice four times a week but then I decided to practice three times a week because I didn't have enough time to study.
I have been training for 1 year, and when I train I usually run for 1 hour. Recently I have taken part at a few provincial races and I have won some medals, but I would like to win more: I have also participated at one regional race. In these kind of races there are lots of athletes competing so it gets more difficult to win, but I think that if I had more time to train I would get better chances to win. I train in Capodrise (where I live) it’s not far from here but sometimes if we need to prepare ourselves for a competition we practice running in the countryside for some special training. I go with other five people, and I can say that I have built a good relationship with each one of them and because of this I really enjoy running together with this group, because we share the same interest and passion.
I think that this sport is very important for me, this is the reason why I’ll continue to run. It helps me to keep healthy and fit, besides it’s a good way to grow up. I want to keep this passion but this discipline needs time and patience, so I‘m not sure that I may be a good runner in the future. I have had two important accidents in my career. Both happened when I went running in the countryside the first in winter and the second in spring.
The first time I fell because of a lot of mud on the field. This accident was less painful than the second . In fact in the second one my right foot was fractured by a collision against a piece of metal that I hit on the way. Than I had to walk on crutches for 1 month but luckily after this long period my foot recovered. I’m paying a lot of attention on my training sessions as I really can’t afford to get hurt again as I am getting more and more involved at school, due to the fact that next year I will be attending the leaving exam which will allow me to go to University, where hopefully I will take a degree in a good place in the world of sport.
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