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The poem “ I wondered lonely as a cloud “, also knows with the name of “ Daffodils “, is the most important poem of William Wordsworth, where we can find the central theme of the whole Wordsworth production, the nature. In fact in this poem Wordsworth compares himself to a cloud that from the sky can see vales, hills, crowd, but especially a lot of golden daffodils, beside the lake. In the second stanza the poet compares the immensity of daffodils to the stars that shine in the sky and says that there are ten thousands. In the third stanza the poet compares the daffodils to the wave of the lake saying that the waves dance as the flowers: after that he says the a poet could not be happy of the vision and that when he looks at the flowers he doesn't reflect on the meaning of the vision but now, when he is thinking or is relaxing, this image returns and his heart feels with pleasure and dances with daffodils. Finally it’s important to say that in this poem there is the concept of the emotion recollected in tranquility that Wordsworth theorized with Coleridge in his “ Preface to the lyrical ballads.”
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