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Virginia Woolf - A room of one's own

Virginia Woolf is one of the most important modernist female writers-
"A room of one's own" is an essay which was published in 1929.
It is a sort of manifesto of the status of women from the beginning to the present. The work traces the difficult relationship between woman and writing (or between women and art in general) over time and the difficulties that a woman has to deal with this passion in order to fulfill her dream.
The short essay starts from the figure of the woman and as she was considered in the course of the centuries.
Everything starts with a fundamental question: "Why Women were derided and outraged if they put hand to writing or any artistical profession , while men can do what they wanted? "
Virginia Woolf tries to answer to this question through a detailed analysis of female and male writers and their literary production.
Moreover, the essay then spells out the difficulty of the emergence of women in the arts and tackles the issue of gender disparities.
The style is ironic. What is the principal difference between a man and a woman who wants to start to write as a profession? Many times women haven't a room for their own.
However this essay is also an encouragement for young female writers.
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